Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The RVA Fit Gal's Guide to BOHO Cycle Studio

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Welcome back to the RVA Fit Gal's Guide - your one-stop-shop to figuring out the best fit for your health and fitness needs right here in good ole Richmond, Virginia (which, by the way, was just voted one of the best cities in the south by Southern Living!).

It's been a while since this series has been up and running - in the winter I coach middle school swimming. And let me tell you - it was a bit more of a job than I had originally anticipated. An absolute blast, YES, but quite a time commitment. I'm back now and trying to get in the swing of blogging again - especially when it puts me in touch with inspiring local businesswomen spearheading unique ideas in really interesting industries (like health and fitness) that I'd ultimately love to get into.

Anyway - you met AnnMarie of BOHO last week. She's awesome, her class is killer, and her story of how BOHO came to be is inspiring - read more HERE
I've kept you all waiting for my review for long enough (SORRY) - so here's the inside scoop.

Classes I Tried:

I went to four different BOHO Body classes with four different instructors, all at the 6:35 PM time slot. It's important to know that with BOHO (and many other boutique fitness studios), class cancellations will result in a class being taken off your pass. In my case, I locked myself and my dog out of our apartment and had to cancel, but it's definitely something to keep in mind when you wake up for a 5:45 AM class and contemplate canceling. Don't. BOHO Body means that there is a portion during class where you will be led through some upper body exercises with light hand weights. Some of the specific exercises remind me of barre - they're small movements with 2 lb weights that end up really packing a punch after a song or two.

I took two BOHO Tag Team Rides, which were cool because I got to sample two instructors in one class. One was with Tessa and Matthew (I LOVED his playlist!) who are roommates IRL, and the other one was with Kris and AM herself. I also took a BOHO Body class from both AM and Kris separately. Kris's class was the most challenging, in my opinion. She kicked my butt - I had a couple moments during class where I felt as though I was digging into a mental/physical place that I haven't been since I swam in college. But in a good way, promise. Instructors create playlists that are designed to motivate the class, the lights are out most of the time, and the music is turned way up - so it's a high-energy environment that gets you really pumped up. 


First class -- FREE
Drop In -- $18 (HIIT $12, Student Rate $13)
5 Class -- $75 (HIIT $55)
10 Class -- $110
1 Month Unlimited -- $150/month
3 Month Unlimited -- $135/month
12 Month Unlimited -- $115/month
Yearly Unlimited -- $1,200/year

Full pricing list HERE, schedule HERE

If you sign up for their newsletter or follow on Instagram, it's likely that you could snag some extra deals!

What Do I Wear?!

You will need clip-in indoor cycle/spin shoes to participate in class, and they do cost extra. For $2/class, you cant rent spin shoes at BOHO - which essentially adds $2 onto the price of a class automatically. If you choose to purchase shoes on your own, they can run upwards of $100 - so it's up to you to weigh it out and see how necessary the shoes would be to your personal workout routine. I usually always rent, but I'm thinking about teaching spin myself in the near future and want to invest in a pair myself. I've linked a few below that you can check out. Otherwise, it gets damn sweaty in there - so I'd suggest wearing a tank top and leggings to reduce chafing. My suggestions are linked below!

I've actually only recently come around to spinning, and I think it might be because I like having a local, super-convenient, and super-motivating place to go - BOHO isn't a chain, and it definitely feels like part of the neighborhood. Every time I go to a class, I practically expect to see someone I know. I liked my experience there, and when I want to mix spin classes (hello, cardio that isn't running!) into my workout routine, you can bet I'll be back on the bike!

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