Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The RVA Fit Gal's Guide is BACK - Meet AnnMarie of BOHO Cycle Studio!

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Hey Fit Gals! I'm back in action - partnering with another local, female-owned fitness studio here in RVA. BOHO Cycle Studio is a Museum District gem, tucked between a laundromat and a pizza place - it's a favorite among the gals (and some guys) who flock to the Fan and Museum District post-grad and to attend grad school. "Have you tried BOHO yet?" is a pretty common phrase heard in this part of town - especially among girls my age. I've gone to classes at BOHO on and off ever since my sorority at Randolph-Macon did an event there - I typically HATE cardio of any kind, but I've found that this type of spin class (paired with the energy of the instructors) works pretty well for me - and kicks my ass every time. 

Want to know more? Here's a teaser - get to know AnnMarie right here, and come back later on this week for my full review!

How did BOHO come to be? Why spinning, over all other types of group exercise?

RVA did not have ANY spinning studios prior to summer 2013 - so we needed it! We found a niche that was missing in town and found a way to fill that void and bring some good old RVA feel to fitness. I’m a lover of fitness and a bit of a gym rat, it was right up my alley.

BOHOCore was launched in 2016 to bring the term “wellness” more full circle for BOHO. We know a sweat session is only a portion of the wellness equation - the food you use for fuel makes a huge impact. I wanted to make nutrition information and education accessible to our BOHO riders and Richmond. 

What has been your proudest moment as a business owner?

That first Saturday with full classes! I wanted to shout a la Sally Field, “You like me. You really like me!” - It was a good feeling to see the need for this existed and people were riding with us! Some memorable moments that happen often are when riders tell you they didn’t think they could do this (cycle). Of course you can! Just find your speed, what works for you, and have a blast! Another super fun(ny) moment was our 2016 BOHO Olympics - I love some fun competition and so do all of our BOHO cycle superstars & front desk team! The BOHO Olympics will be back with all new games.
What’s your favorite way to sweat?

Oh - honestly a long trail run down by the river. Running is my first passion - although my body doesn’t it love it as much as it used to :) There have been articles about running as meditation - for me it works! It’s my time to stop the world and just be alone. I don’t take any phone calls or answer texts/emails. It’s amazing how the weight off my shoulders goes away, not to mention the BOHO brainstorms I have while running. Some of the best events/theme rides, business practices etc. have come from a good old run.

Each person has their go to sweat session - their time to stop the outside world, focus, and relax.

What does the term “Girl Boss” mean to you?

I have a love - hate with the term “Girl Boss.” On one hand the number of women business owners is shockingly small. (RVA is crushing it though) - It boggles my mind that it’s such a big hurdle for women to get over to open and run a successful business. Women need to know they can do this so I love being an example.  
On the other hand - I’m just AnnMarie, who lives in RVA and helps people move a little more and eat a little better. I just happen to own a business which provides that for people. It is what I love doing. I don’t need to be referred to as the Boss, you can call me AM!

If you could give your 25-year old self one piece of advice, what would it be?

The 25 year old AnnMarie was a little more risky than the 39 year old AnnMarie. But I think I would remind myself that life can get more fun - you just have to wait for it.

I have had more fun in the past 3 1/2 years with BOHO than I ever thought I could. It is a lot of work, sometimes sleepless nights but the fun outweighs all the challenge.

Thanks AM! I had a blast - find out a little more later this week!

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