Friday, January 13, 2017

AirBnBs Worth a Return Trip

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I LOVE traveling in ways that enable me to meet new people. Hostels, Uber, train trips, and AirBnB are all sweet ways to make connections - like the time I met one of my grade school classmates by chance at a hostel bar in Munich. Or when I got to tour Linz with a local family and teach their four year old son English (he only could say "garden hose" for some reason). Or the Uber driver in D.C. who carried an umbrella in pouring down rain around to the backseat and helped me grab my bags because he knew I was in a hurry to get to work in Richmond. People are cool.

This is the cafe where I ate in Linz with the family that hosted me on AirBnB

I love the vibes that come with opening culture and home to travelers - so I'm sharing my four favorite AirBnBs across the globe that I think are worth a return trip.

In Oregon - this spot in Sisters was the perfect combination of romantic and adventurous for me and my then-boyfriend. I'm obsessed with Central Oregon, absolutely love Bend and Sisters, and was completely infatuated with the design of this little apartment. Piper, the host, was accommodating and easily reachable.

In Wisconsin - my friend Riley and I stayed in this gorgeous, handmade home on the prairie in Wisconsin. Our host, Kurt, built the home himself and stayed up for our late arrival to tell us about the origin of the cabin (really much nicer than a cabin), his handiwork, and his skills as a potter and also beekeeper. Waking up to the sun shining over rolling hills of crops and seeing red barns in the distance was unreal. We grabbed a $6 jar of honey on our way out, too - "take some honey, leave some money" was the sign on the stand.

In Virginia - I'm writing this post while staying in a suite at Roslyn Farm in Charlottesville. I'm here for a sales training with BH Media (my employer), and had a last-minute pet care emergency revolving around some mixed signals and late communication. Alexia, the owner of this gorgeous farm, offered to walk Holly (my hound/Swiss Mountain Dog mix) while I'm in training from 7:30 AM to 5 PM this week. She also welcomed me into her home when I arrived to meet her friends and her boyfriend and learn about the farm and her experiences - plus, she's a phenomenally talented painter and a Sweet Briar College woman - and we small liberal arts college grads have to stick together.

In Austria - Linz is in Upper Austria, and it's a much bigger city than Salzburg, more modern than Vienna, and a really interesting mix of old and new. Mario and Rebecca welcomed me into their home in charming Aldstadt (Old Town) as though I was a family member. I spent one day exploring on my own, and spent the next accompanying them to breakfast in the neighborhood, playing with their children, and tagging along to a local flohmarkt (flea market). I wish they needed an au pair - I'd be there in a heartbeat!

Have a favorite of your own or a favorite way to travel? Chime in below!

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  1. Ah! So cool that you're at Roslyn! I went to school with Alexia and have been dying to get back to VA for a stay in one of her airBNBs! They all look gorgeous from the website!