Friday, December 16, 2016

Holiday Hair with Herstyler

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Hello, everybody. Here's a photo of my face, very close up so you can see that I need a tan and wear Warby Parker glasses that don't have a very strong prescription just so that I look dialed in at work. Don't tell my boss. Don't mind the lint on my sweater, either - my dryer is going on month three of not working, thanks to my leasing agency :) :) Also that may have been TMI - I'm really here to tell you about my new flat iron and hair products that I added to the hair taming arsenal recently. Herstyler was kind enough to send me some product and a new straightener, which I desperately needed, and I've given it a test run. And probably a run for its money. 

I mentioned once before that I naturally have VERY curly, coarse hair. I've tried relaxers. Keratin. Deep conditioning. YOU NAME IT, I have probably tried it. Keratin makes my eyes stream tears down my face, relaxers make my hair fall out, and deep conditioning works for a week. I used to be a swimmer, and my hair only recently recovered - chlorine kills hair, especially blonde, curly hair. So after all of this hair misery, you might understand that I'm a bit of a product and appliance aficionado. I had been using the Kardashian brand flat iron from Target - I think it was around $80, and it worked fine. With this old method, I used some variety of protective serum and finished off with a little oil, and it was all fine and dandy. 

The combination of products and flat iron from Herstyler though? Game changer, and I'm not kidding. If a product doesn't work well for me, I'll tell you right here. I've used it both for straight and wavy styles, like you can see above - it makes my hair smooth and touchable when I've worn it straight (peep my insta), and these waves held all day - even throughout coaching a swim practice on a hot pool deck. 

There are three products I've been using - the two shown in my hand go in wet hair before I blow dry (no more than a dime size each, if that) - then I comb those through, blow dry my hair mostly straight, and then go over it again with the Herstyler flat iron. I finish it off with a couple spritzes of the styling spray from Herstyler - it's technically a hairspray, but it's SO light. I'm a fan. 

P.S. - I didn't get paid for this, but HerStyler sent me products to make a tutorial/review with. I like their stuff so much that I highly recommend it to any of you gals who straighten your hair frequently and are looking for a smooth look!

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