Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Why "Fat Jeans" Are a Good Thing

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HANG ON - Don't be offended by the title of this post. I'm using the term "fat jeans" in a way that actually reinforces a positive message - always dress for the way your body looks and feels NOW, not how it might look or feel in a month or a year. I bought these See Thru Soul jeans from Nordstrom when I got home from Austria last December. I was bigger size-wise than I had been since my freshman year of college, and felt terrible trying to fit into the clothes I had left at home or even brought on my study abroad trip. I also felt terrible the first time I went shopping for some new things that fit me better. That mindset was a mistake.

 These jeans, even though they're a number size or two different than what I was used to and a little stretchier than I was used to, make me feel like a million bucks. They fit well, are on-trend with a raw hem and button fly, and are a great wash. 

The point is, don't pine over the jeans and clothes that don't fit anymore. Get rid of them - if stuff isn't working for you right now, take it to a consignment shop or Goodwill. Unless it was the most perfect, one-of-a-kind piece that you absolutely can't replace, it's worth the mental relief you'll get once you stop trying to squeeze into things that just aren't the right fit for the way your body looks right now. I learned this the hard way - and when I bought the jeans in the photo above, I didn't know that I would gain even more weight and size the following spring. I kept trying to wear the same things I had worn when I was 10, 15 pounds lighter and wondering why getting dressed was such an emotional event for me - then this summer, I got rid of anything that was too tight or unflattering. I've since lost the weight I gained, but I can't stress to you enough how important it was for my personal growth and emotional stability to stop trying to make myself a size 4 when I was truly an 8 or 10. 

Size doesn't matter. The way you feel in your clothes matters.

Anyway, my trench is from Crossroads Trading on Hawthorne (check out my tips for shopping resale HERE), top is FP from 310 Rosemont and also featured on my blog HERE, booties are from Hautelook (under $45!) and seen on my blog HERE, purse is Rebecca Minkoff and featured on my blog HERE. Similar products linked below - happy shopping!

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  1. Aww girl I love the message behind this post. You are SO right that we need to be comfortable with where we are right NOW rather than trying to be something else. And you're also so right about how friggin fantastic those pants look on you! I love the hem!

    Stephanie //