Monday, November 21, 2016

Let's Get Real About Our Early 20s

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I think it's pretty normal for bloggers not to "get real" too often. After all, most of us make at least a little bit of money off our platforms, put a ton of time into developing and editing content, and put forth a carefully crafted brand for our readers. I typically toe the line on this branding concept, which might be a bit of a detriment when it comes to sponsored opportunities and readership - but I would rather be open with those of you who stop by here than pretend my life is perfect. It's not. 
Read this post if you need proof.

This fall, I've devoted myself to a lot of things. To working on this blog, which is my passion project and little creative baby, to getting a new job and doing well at it, to getting ANOTHER new job coaching JV high school swimming, to getting as much girl time as possible, to being present in the lives of family members here in Richmond, to staying in touch with my family far away. Granted, I chose a lot of this. But at the same time, it feels like there wasn't much choice.

These are some tough things to balance. People don't tell you that the period of time after graduating from college is one of the most anxiety-inducing times you'll ever face. We're supposed to hit the ground running, get a 9-5 job and a place to live within months, start making the big bucks, and get rid of our junky college cars. That part of it, combined with the increasing pressure to either be ~super happy~ as a single gal or be ~super serious~ with a boyfriend makes life a little challenging right now. 

All we hear at our age is that we're at a selfish time of life and we only care about our fun and friends and ourselves -- how can this be true when the majority of young women I know are struggling to stay sane while balancing a desk job they aren't passionate about, car or student loan payments, the pressure to care for oneself through fitness and wellness, and the desire to have some type of social and romantic life? Many of us are navigating life without people we had thought would be around or we're adding new friends and relationships to the mix. This shit is hard, and don't excuse my language because it truly is. 

I had to get a little rant out, because some people make it look and sound easy. The truth is, this is an exciting time - but also one that makes me second-guess a whole lot of things. 

Anyway, back to cooking healthy meals, writing swim practices for middle schoolers, and my fruitless pursuit of love through swiping right. See you on the other side!

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