Monday, November 7, 2016

Two Perfect Thanksgiving Dinner Outfits

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When I started writing this blog post, it was going to focus on a single outfit that I shot with Megan of Sweet Sauce last week. We got together in Scott's Addition, hoping for some nice brick walls and industrial vibes, and took care of a couple outfits each. One day, we'll have a series based in Richmond about RVA street style - we'll sit at the Urban Farmhouse in Shockoe Slip every Wednesday and interview cool hip humans as they walk by. It'll be like HONY... but Richmond.

I have a theory that RVA is the Next Big Thing. Like Portland or Austin - it's about to become the Place to Be, and we all need to hustle to establish ourselves before this little historic cobblestone and brick (but also young and thriving) city becomes as crowded as PDX. But wow, I digress. 

Back to the color situation. As I was putting together this blog post, I realized that I have a serious thing for wearing tan/camel/cream and maroon/dark red/wine together. There are probably cool names for those colors, but you get the idea. You saw it two weeks ago with my overworn suede skirt, and if you know me in ~real life~ you saw it with the SAME suede skirt and a large camel colored sweater at my school's homecoming tailgate. And then I did it again when I shot with Megan and styled this dark red Piko two different ways. Wearing these two shades together feels like Thanksgiving in an outfit - it's just warm and cozy and feels like fall. I've plugged Piko dresses before, but I think they're a no-brainer for Thanksgiving outfits because they're loose and flowy and I could probably hide the whole turkey under one if I had to. Easy for a weekend trip home because you could pack a few different layering pieces or scarves and change outfits without really changing at all. Laziness at its finest. 

Anyway, I'll probably be wearing some combination of these items and colors at my family Thanksgiving, plus cowboy boots because they're my favorite fall footwear. As usual, this outfit was created by pulling pieces from my own closet, not the racks of a store. Because of this, I've done my best to link similar products for you all to shop below, but they aren't the exact same - which might inspire some creativity on your end :) Enjoy!

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