Monday, November 28, 2016

The RVA Fit Gal's Guide to Diva Bootcamp

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I mentioned last week that I've had the privilege of getting to know Kiara, who runs Diva Bootcamp. You may have actually seen her around town before in a Subaru with a cute Diva logo on the side, or maybe you've spotted groups of women at Mary Munford or University of Richmond running laps around the block or cheering each other on during workouts. There's something to be said for working out outdoors - I've always loved the feeling of fresh air, and it can be tough to find a gym or studio that's quite the right fit. Working out outside can present a challenge when it's cold, but when I tried a chilly 5:30 AM class at Mary Munford, Kiara brought warm lavender scented washcloths that we got to put over our eyes after the workout was finished. That was a really amazing way to start my week - feeling the cool air on my face and watching the sun come up as I left the workout. 

Sounds like fun, right?? It is - read on for more information!

Classes I Tried:

So this is where things get a little different. Diva Bootcamp is offered three days a week (MWF) at three different times - 5:30 AM, 9:15 AM, and 6:30 PM. Although you aren't bound to one class time for your entire membership, it seemed to me that most members ended up sticking to one group or another, and different groups had different vibes. I attended the 5:30 AM class, where about half the participants had just run the Richmond Half Marathon, and I also went to the 6:30 PM class - where there was a wide variety of ages and fitness levels represented.


One really important emphasis at Diva Bootcamp is on team, family, and community. During workouts, the women chatted with one another and cheered encouragingly. Kiara offered constructive feedback and helped people perfect their form. This type of atmosphere existed partially because all of the members were committed to coming and had been for a while (some for more than 5 years). 

Because of this, you can usually only join Diva Bootcamp for a commitment of at least one month at a time. One month is $105. 
For a limited time only, you have the option to purchase drop-in passes at varying price points. 

 What Do I Wear?!

Well, since it's outside, I would recommend layers. My dad always taught me not to wear cotton next to my skin when I might sweat, and to always put something on my head if I'm outside in the cold. I linked some good layering pieces below, plus a few headbands and glove sets that would help take the edge off. Otherwise, you do need to bring your own dumbbells (I got 8 lb ones from Target) and a yoga mat - but one that you don't mind getting dirty!

I think that Diva Bootcamp is a really good place to start if you aren't sure about beginning a fitness routine. The environment is super supportive, and there's going to be someone at all fitness and health levels in all of the programs - everyone starts somewhere! Plus, the small groups enable Kiara to give a ton of individual feedback, so if you worry about not being able to do a move right, this is a great (and accepting) place to learn. 

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