Wednesday, October 19, 2016

You Can Pull Off Boyfriend Jeans (I Promise!)

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These boyfriend jeans are my number one go-to closet staple. Doesn't matter what I'm doing, where I'm going (other than church or dinner with my grandparents, bc they aren't a fan of ripped jeans - surprise!) or what season it is, I rock these nonstop with a variety of different tops and accessories. They're BLANK NYC, and I got them when I worked at South Moon Under - I had previously been stuck in the mindset that since I'm kinda curvy and have big hips and a butt, I would look sort of stumpy in boyfriend jeans - but that isn't the case. Every time I wore these to work, I had a customer come up and ask me if I thought she would be able to "pull them off" like I did.

I have words to say about the phrase "I don't think I can pull that off, but it looks so cute on you!" -- First of all, that's kind of an underhanded insult. It's like saying " no offense, but..." 

Secondly, IF YOU LIKE SOMETHING AND IT FITS YOU, YOU CAN "PULL IT OFF". End of story. Wear clothes you think are cool, and wear them in sizes that fit your body, no matter what number you see on the tag or what store you buy from. I'm planning a post about my opinion on "fat jeans" coming soon, so stay tuned for another rant or two about personal style, size, and being able to "pull things off".

Lastly - do you recognize this shirt?? It's the $10 Free People dupe I scored at Target and styled last week in this post - like I've mentioned before, dig deep in your closet before running out and spending $$$ on the latest fall trends. You might be surprised at what you can find! My necklace (which I'm currently obsessed with) is a gift from A Native Look (which you should check out, she's just down the road in Raleigh!), my booties are a repeat from last week's post, and my bag is Rebecca Minkoff - which I grabbed at over 50% off from Nordstrom Rack in August!

If you're wondering about whether or not you can "pull something off," forget about stereotypes and expectations and ask yourself two questions - and if you say YES to both, work it!
Is this piece/outfit cool as hell and do I love it???
Does it fit my body/will I be physically comfortable?


  1. I'm totally loving this look - those pants are great! I'm also loving your message. If it fits and you love the way it looks, you can pull it off. Great advice babe!

    Stephanie //

    1. Thanks girl!! It's so important to just wear what you love and be confident.

  2. Totally agree with rocking a trend you love even if you think it won't work for you. Fashion is all about making it your own!


    1. Exactly! There's always a way to tweak a trend to make it more personal.

  3. I totally agree!! I am completely obsessed with my boyfriend jeans :) I never thought they would work since I'm so petite, but I tried them all when I worked at Madewell and fell in LOVE !!



    1. I'm so glad you agree too! BF jeans are my version of pajama jeans... I love them so much!