Friday, October 21, 2016

Stuff You Can Actually Wear This Fall

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In this post, you can see one of my two little tattoos really well - it says "live your dash" on my wrist. I got it last spring when I came home from Austria and when, to be frank, shit started to hit the fan in my personal life. The phrase comes from a poem aptly titled "The Dash Poem". When I was a senior in high school, one of my cousins passed away suddenly at a very young age, and this poem was read at his memorial. The main message, or most memorable line to me is as follows: "What matters is how we live and love and how we spend our dash." The dash, in this case, refers to the little line between your birth date and the day you pass away - and the poem talks about how to fill that little dash in a meaningful and powerful way. It really resonated with me, and has become something I ask myself both in my daily life and also when making larger decisions. Am I living my dash? Is this the most respectful, full, and kind way that I can live? Am I packing my dash as full as I can right now? ANYWAY, back to the outfit at hand, now that you know a little something about my personal life.

There are a lot of ~outfit ideas~ out in the world that are super cute, really well put together and... often expensive and impractical. Take a minute, go to your closet, and answer the next few questions.

Do you have a suede skirt? Probably, since they've been huge since last year. If you don't, HERE is a very similar one to mine that you can buy for under $35.

Do you have a sweater? Doesn't have to be cream like mine, or a cowl/turtle-neck like mine, or anything like mine at all. But if you want a sleeveless one, which is another big trend this fall, HERE is a similar option for under $50. Now front tuck it into your skirt, leaving the back loose. This is an easy way to create a little visual interest in your outfit (I'm not sure that's the right phrase, but we're going with it) - like accessorizing without accessories. The key is to flip the front hem under and make sure that if the fabric gathers, it gathers in the middle. Front tuck everything. Front tuck or die. 

Do you have booties? Don't answer that - any type will work with this look. If you want fringy ones like mine, HERE are the exact same ones for under $80. I also wore them in this post and approximately three days a week. 

When I put an outfit on my blog, it's something I wear in real life. I don't get dressed up in a fancy getup just for the photos - I try to put together looks that my readers could recreate easily and on a budget - and also feel comfortable in. I got the skirt and booties via Hautelook, and the sweater is Free People that was on sale at 310 Rosemont last spring. My bag was on crazy sale at Nordstrom rack (you saw it first HERE), my earrings are from Sloan (fave boutique in PDX), and my glasses are Warby Parker. Nothing crazy here :) 

If you don't have the pieces to recreate this look on your own, shop my picks below! 

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