Friday, September 30, 2016

RVA Fit Gal's Guide: TurnRVA Cardio Jam Studio

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For those of us who typically frequent Cary Town or the Fan, Scott's Addition is an RVA neighborhood full of hidden gems. One of these hidden gems is called TurnRVA Cardio Jam Studio. Don't run away just yet (I know you thought about it when you saw "cardio") trust me!

I'm at the tail end of completing two weeks of classes at Turn. And every single class I've taken has literally made me smile from ear to ear - whether it was a ballet class (!!!!!), Urban Boot Camp, or a taste of DanceTrance - this place is fun as hell. The whole idea behind TURN is that we're more likely to not only work out, but LIKE our workouts if we are part of a community. Each class I went to was full of really cool gals - from VCU grad students to a professional at the Martin Agency, there was a variety of participants of all ages and walks of life that I got to connect with. Read on for what to expect in the classes, how much you'll have to shell out, and to pick up on my general vibe on the place.

Classes I tried: (full schedule HERE)

  • Urban Boot Camp - YES this class is awesome. Seo (the instructor) pushes you without being intimidating or overwhelming - the focus is on doing everything correctly...which makes you get a better workout in the long run. I learned a ton and had a lot of fun - definitely doing a drop-in later this month!
  • SURF FIT - I've always been told, whether or not it's true, that I'm clumsy and not the most athletic. So typically I don't do a whole lot of balance-related sports or workouts - but I def couldn't resist trying a class that is taught entirely on SURF SET boards - basically surfboards mounted on Bosu balls. It was hard af but super awesome because it engaged my muscles in a whole new way. Would totally go back.
  • Urban Ballet - This is another moment when I said screw it to my normal, "I just am super uncoordinated so I'll pass...", type attitude. Even though I know I wasn't the best dancer on the floor, taking the class (and bringing a supportive friend along) made me feel more graceful than I usually do. The class was basically a beginner ballet class with some barre-type moves incorporated, and challenged me mentally as well as physically.
  • DanceTrance - Sandi, the owner of Turn (meet her HERE), called DanceTrance their "bread and butter". Think dancing at a club with all the flashing lights and killer music but with a group of 15 other gals in workout clothes following a super badass instructor. And that's DanceTrance. Not Zumba.
  • Urban Sculpt - This was probably the most challenging class I took - think BodyPump but a hell of a lot more fun and with different exercises all the time. Super good workout and amazing way to start my Saturday before getting my iced latte at Lamplighter!
  • Barre - I would say this was one of the more challenging barre classes I've ever taken. Barre is more about finding muscles you never knew you had than about being pushed to your max, and trust me, you'll be feeling it the next day.

SURF SET boards at TURN


Ah yes. We are recent graduates and unsure about monetary commitment. This is a concept I understand. So I'll break it down for you --
  • Drop in - $15 (approx. 3 vodka sodas with extra lime at District 5) (yes that's my drink of choice)
  • 3-Class Pass - $40 ($5 less than the tassel necklace I just bought at Traveling Chic, dang it)
  • 5-Class Pass - $60 (if you paid the drop-in fee once a week for 5 weeks, you would pay $75)
  • 10-Class Pass - $110 (so you could work out 10 times for the same price of this Rebecca Minkoff )
  • Monthly Rate - $95 (This is probably also my monthly expenditure at Target. So I could quit buying scented candles and cheap sweatpants each month and lose some weight instead!)
  • Also there is a Groupon! Check it out for some savings and maybe a more manageable time commitment :)


Literally this is the easiest question to answer. Normal workout stuff - I often reward myself with fun workout clothes when I've reached a weight loss or lifestyle goal (which I just did and I ordered new Zella leggings to celebrate!). Also, you don't have to pay Lulu prices to look cute when you workout - check out my alternative (AFFORDABLE) options below. Another option - remember when I styled a pair of Spunkwear leggings? I still love them - feel free to revisit my post here!

Since TURN has a really nice new floor, they do ask that you bring your workout shoes in a bag and change into them once you get to class - this keeps dirt and rocks off the floor and also allows you to hang out in your flip flops longer.

So that's it. I'm a fan, and I'm going to try to budget for a pass once I get this job thang figured out. Grab a friend, hit a class, and walk over to Lamplighter for coffee (or beer at one of the 398237 breweries in Scott's Addition instead) right after. Let me know what you think!

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  1. Love getting to try new workouts classes! They are always so fun! I also love cross back sports bras- so cute!