Monday, September 19, 2016

Introducing... The RVA Fit Gal's Guide

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College is really easy because everything is right there. Your gym, your food, your living situation, your friends, a pre-set dating pool ... I digress. But the basic concept is that in your college bubble, most things you need are served to you on a silver platter.

Postgrad is different.

Instead of the campus gym, where everyone is on the treadmill in their formal T-Shirts and the only meat heads are "retired" football players, we have gym options that might be cheap, but offer little structure or familiarity. Instead of walking across campus, we drive somewhere new and park and walk into a giant room full of faces we don't know. And for some people, this totally works.

But for other people, this just doesn't cut it.

I've noticed that I've been reluctant to join a gym here in Richmond, even though working out is the best way for me to manage anxiety, keep off excess weight (duh) and clear my mind when I'm stressed. I've noticed that a lot of other girls my age are kind of in the same boat.

So I figured it wouldn't hurt to find out a little more about the fitness scene here in RVA.

What's out there? Who's teaching it? What does it feel like? Where are the studios?

I'm planning on answering all of these questions and more with my latest series, the RVA Fit Gal's Guide. I'll go and do the dirty work - test out studios and gyms and classes - and report back to you on social media and right here at The PDX Belle. I'll also throw in a few #GirlBoss interviews, because it's badass that there are women out there who work out and inspire other people for a living, and we might as well pick up a few tips from them.

Are you a local fitness studio looking for exposure or new clients? Contact me - let's work together! 


  1. Oooh I can't wait to read this series! I know of a couple people who swear by the yoga programs here in RVA, but I just don't feel comfortable doing that in a group setting yet haha

    Stephanie //

    1. I totally feel you on that!! If you want to come to a class with me this week at Turn RVA, feel free :) Your first one is free!