Monday, August 22, 2016

So I'm Working With a Health Coach...

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why you should try health coaching

I've tried seeing a counselor, I've worked out for my whole life, and I think I know how to eat well, but suddenly I've learned that there's a whole lot more to the concept of HEALTH than those parts of my life.

Enter Jessica Cassity, founder and owner of Deeply Rooted Coaching.

Jessica sent me an email a while back and offered to show me her stuff - a whole 8 sessions/3 months of open & honest conversations, a tiny bit of paperwork, and hopefully some progress. Honestly, Jessica's email couldn't have come at a better time in my life. I'm just starting to gather the pieces (I know, it seems like this has been happening for a while) and taking some tangible steps (with Jessica's support) toward actually starting the next chapter of my adult life.

So far we have had about 2.5 (I add .5 because one of our conversations was cut short by me being disorganized and phone conversations about my goals, a one-year vision, and then discussing ways that I can be moving toward this vision and toward these next things even while I'm in the midst of a chapter that feels a little stagnant.

So let's get real here - I'm going to share my vision with y'all, and talk a little bit about how my conversations with Jessica have made me feel about it.

My one-year vision: I see myself living in Richmond, hopefully in an apartment on my own, with a job that pays the bills and challenges me either intellectually or creatively. Not something where I sit in the same place for 8 hours a day, but something that makes sense for my level and lifestyle. I want a gym membership, a workout routine, and the ability to have control over my surroundings - including diet and lifestyle.

Where I am now: I've been living at home in Portland for almost three months now. I wasn't sure for a while if I would be here for a few years, wasn't sure if I was going to move back to VA, and haven't been totally happy. Impermanence made me feel like I couldn't splurge on a gym membership or get a steady job - I work part time and nanny part time and am probably the most out of shape I've ever been.

How Deeply Rooted Coaching has helped: At the beginning of our relationship, Jessica mentioned that health coaching focuses on a goal and on small daily changes, rather than discussing things that happened in the past and why they're having an impact on my life now. We've had super open talks about my family, my feeling of stuck-ness (or whatever), and certain things that have been causing me anxiety and stress. I left our last talk feeling empowered to make decisions for myself and take small steps (like finding a two-week exercise Groupon and planning the driving route back to VA) that will help put me in the mindset I want to be in when I get back to Richmond.

Stay tuned - I've been tweeting a lot about this journey, and plan on spotlighting Jessica in my #GirlBoss series. If you've been feeling stuck, a health coach (or even the tips I'll share from my experience) could be a great way to get out of your current rut.

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