Friday, July 15, 2016

Yes, You Can: Get a Big-Girl Job

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Happy Wednesday, and happy job-hunting to all you recent college graduates out there! If you've been keeping up with The PDX Belle lately, you may be aware that I've returned to Portland (PDX) and am on the hunt for a "real" job - or as I like to call it, a "big-girl job". Anyway, this has been quite a ride for me - I've had a number of interviews both in-person and over the phone as well as on Skype. I've had some weird emails from recruiters, a few profiles on online job boards, and a few major letdowns. If you're also navigating these uncharted waters, this post is for you. I've come up with some resources for us from other bloggers who have been in the same boat - read on and let me know if you have any helpful tips yourself!

1. It isn't all about grades anymore.
Focus on creating a well-rounded resume that highlights your achievements both in and out of the classroom.

 "If a hiring manager is reviewing two resumes and one candidate has a 4.0 GPA and very little job experience or extracurricular activities, and the second candidate has a 3.5 but was in several leadership positions in different organizations during their time in college, who do you think is the more attractive candidate?" -5 Career Myths You Can Stop Stressing About, The Young Hopeful 

2. Be patient. This is a process. Don't beat yourself up when you don't get the position - focus on what you can improve on and how this experience ultimately (even if it's in, like, ten years) will help you land the ~dream job~.

3. Do your research. Make sure you know what you're applying for and what the company or organization is all about. See #5...
"Especially you comm. people… when a website says “PR Assistant” what they really mean is “Entry Sales Position/Telemarketer for Verizon Fios.” Do your research before applying." -Pro Tip Interview Hacks, Ampersand 
4. Dress to impress... Kind of. Practice walking around in your interview outfit, sitting down, crossing and uncrossing your legs, see if it shows sweat, and make sure it's nice and conservative. Need some tips? Check out this post on Berry Trendy for an example of a professional look, as well as suggestions on how to build a grown-up wardrobe.

5. Ask questions. If you did some research on the company, you may be wondering about its' history or previous growth. Are there opportunities for promotion? How would you describe the workplace culture? What would a typical day in this role look like? Check this Pinterest board for more ideas, or if you want to be let in on a lesser-known tip, check out this post.

Ready to ace the interview? 
Comment below and let me know about your job search - trials, tribulations, and successes! 

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