Wednesday, June 22, 2016

"Do Something Dope"

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My younger brother, Eamon, has a category of apps on his phone labeled "do something dope". In this category are some travel apps, map apps, and other activity-oriented apps - stuff you'd look at if you were planning something fun and out of the ordinary.

I learned about this category while Eamon and I drove cross country last week - all the way from Richmond, VA to Portland, OR. In my 2000 Jeep Cherokee. Loaded down with a huge amount of the stuff I've accumulated throughout college. Needless to say, we were really a sight to behold.

We left Richmond in the morning on Saturday and made it to PDX at around dinnertime on Wednesday, making the trip a 4-night 5-day adventure that spanned across the U.S. - a bucket list type thing for me, and an excuse to connect with some awesome people. I feel like if you're down to welcome two college kids driving cross country into your home no questions asked, you're probably a pretty sweet human being - it takes a special brand of hospitable and chill to be about that type of last-minute overnight visit.

This trip was a reminder for me to get out of my comfort zone and reconnect with the world around me, with places like the Flatirons or Utah Salt Flats or the rolling farmland in western Iowa. With people like the sweet family we stayed with in Omaha who fed us bratwurst and fruit salad, our cousins who took us to an Oregon-themed Chicago bar, a mutual friend in Boulder who sent us off with a handmade dream catcher, and a gal in Salt Lake who gave us an evening walking tour of the city. They were all kind and welcoming and awesome in their own ways and were intentional in their hospitality and in giving us a taste of their beloved homes.

After all the amazing scenery, fabulous human beings, creepy roadside stops, soggy sandwiches, repetitive Spotify playlists, and wrong turns, I can confidently say that we did something dope.
Don't let it stop here - don't just chill in your comfort zone.

(thanks for the inspiration and road companionship, E)

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  1. This sounds so fun, May! I seriously need to get out! I really hope to go beach camping this summer!

    XO from Texas,

    Sarah | The Bella Insider | @sarah_thebella