Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday Five: The Best Ways to Celebrate Galentines' Day (+giveaway!)

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"Valentines' Day" is a short phrase that may hold a lot of meaning for you - and that meaning can vary between all of us. If you're in a committed relationship, it may mean roses and dinner out (or gifts - click here for a VDay Gift Guide!). If you're only kind of "talking" to someone (or whatever we call it these days), it could mean a hell of a lot of confusion and mixed signals. If you're single and free as a bird, it could mean that you and the gals are getting together to celebrate each other. All these options have their own perks - there's no reason to be salty towards people who love to celebrate Valentines' Day, and there's also no reason to feel a need to celebrate at all.

If you find yourself hanging with the girls this weekend, here are a few fun ways to celebrate:

1. Put together an adorable gift box for your bestie. I love all the little items from BTL Shoppe (stands for Between the Lines) - throw in some sassy notecards, a coffee mug for your favorite caffeine fiend, and maybe a motivational print, too. Throw it all in a tote with some colorful tissue, and you've got the perfect package to show your girls how much you appreciate them. (PS: you can win all of this for yourself over on my Instagram!)

2. Host a potluck! Assign each of the gals a different dish - appetizers, main dish, salad, bread, dessert... The list goes on. Check out this Pinterest page for ideas!

3. Have a girls-only cocktail party, complete with signature drinks. Everyone divides into pairs and comes up with a drink recipe to share - again, get some inspo from Pinterest. And don't forget to be responsible - here's a code for a free ride on Lyft.

4. Host a grade-school style Valentines' party. Everyone decorates a shoebox mailbox and either makes or buys sweet little cards for all the gals - pass them out together and enjoy themed drinks or candy!

5. Skip the fanfare, throw on a Sex and the City marathon, and pour the wine. No fuss, no big deal.

comment below and tell me how you're showing people you love them this weekend!

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