Monday, January 4, 2016

PDX Fit Gal's Guide: yogaRIOT!

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What are you talking about?  
  • Where: yogaRIOT! 7126 SE Milwaukie Ave, 2nd Floor, Portland OR
  • What: Baptiste Method Yoga - also offering guided meditation classes, Pilates classes, and community events
  • What to wear: yoga gear - I prefer tight, minimal workout gear that won't get in my way during most poses. Check out the links at the bottom of the page for inspo
  • How much? $15 drop-in fee, or $49 monthly unlimited membership
  • Why does it matter? I haven't always enjoyed practicing yoga or seen it as more than just another method of "working out" - but this studio showed me the benefits of yoga for more than just the body. They also have kickass community initiatives, as you can see from the picture on our right!

Interested?? Keep reading for my review! 

The spacious, naturally lit studio is heated to approximately body temperature

Students are encouraged to enjoy a cup of tea or kombucha after practicing 
Their in-studio boutique offers adorable yoga and loungewear as well as a community space for participants to gather

When I got back from my big trip (studying abroad/eating sausages in Austria for the semester) I realized pretty quickly that my jeans were, well, really freaking tight. As in I had maybe overindulged on those sausages and possibly a had a little too much German beer here and there. Can you blame me?! No, neither can I - it's "happy weight" after all, but it's time to get things back under control. On Friday, I'm planning to share a few tips with y'all about how to get things reined back in - how to feel a little more in charge of your life/fitness routine.

I was super pumped to get an email from Annie Ory while I was in Salzburg - she was inviting me to come "play" at her yoga studio, yogaRIOT! in Portland's darling Sellwood neighborhood (which is exactly where I want to live when I become a big kid). I couldn't refuse an opportunity to push myself out of my typical wellness routine and, in accordance with the studio's motto, shake things up a little bit.

yogaRIOT! has clean, spacious locker areas
with showers and toiletry items
I was lucky enough to take classes from two amazing instructors, Annie herself as well as Christina, who I loved. We were encouraged in class to play around with positions, test our preconceived boundaries, and create space in our bodies and hearts for change. You might be able to tell that I not only loved my experience at yogaRIOT! but also benefited immensely in emotional and mental areas that I hadn't expected. I've included a few photos of the big, spacious studio as well as some quick facts - next time you're in Portland, I highly recommend dropping in (just $15 for a one-time class) and sweating it out for an hour or more with one of these talented teachers. 

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