Friday, January 8, 2016

Friday Five: Little Things That Make You Feel Like You've Got it Together

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Maybe your space is super messy, you're cutting it close on a deadline, or just don't know what tomorrow might hold -- one of those days ...  Lately I've had a good handful of those.

Coming home from a semester abroad that involved traveling to absolutely amazing locations and opened my eyes to so many new worlds was a strange feeling. I don't know where I'll live this semester (or after I graduate). I don't really have a plan for post grad. And I felt like I lost control of my health and fitness while I was abroad. So this break has really been devoted to regaining control.

It's okay to admit that life is not always as perfect as it looks on Instagram or on your favorite blogs - but there are a few (super easy) ways to adjust your mindset and sort of trick yourself into believing that yes, you've got it together, and 
you're totally killing it.
  1. Set your iPhone and laptop background to something pretty and uplifting - a graphic like one of these usually does it for me. Random, but having this type of thing set as my iPhone background just calms me down. Try it out!
  2. Sweat. Go for a brisk walk. Hit the gym. Do an ab routine on your floor - Whatever It Takes to Get Your Blood Flowing and remind you That You are in control, you're strong, and you're amazing.
  3. Get organized. Start small. Make a list in your planner of achievable tasks - like making your bed, folding a few items of clothing, and answering a couple emails. Write them down in a pretty colored pen, in neat handwriting, and check them off as you complete them. (I swear it's the little things!)
  4. Put yourself together. I'm not talking prom, but pull yourself together. Sweats or yoga pants are not going to make you feel invincible, but your favorite pair of jeans and new booties will definitely help. Make your goal to feel like if you open up your front-facing camera on accident, you will not throw your phone on the ground as fast as you can ;)
  5. Call your mom. Or a friend who you know will lift you up, or someone who is good at positive reinforcement and can help you get back on the right track. You know you'd return the favor!

Have something that does the trick for you every time? Feel free to comment and share - I've been feeling a little frantic myself lately - I'm facing a whole lot of transition in these upcoming months - and I'd love some tips! 

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  1. I agree, exercise can definitely help with your mood overall and make you feel like you've sort-of got it together. Don't sweat about post-grad (no pun intended), enjoy every minute of undergrad while you can!

    Kayla | Keynotes from Kay

  2. These are great tips! When I am struggling with something, I usually give it a break and clear my mind and then come back to it later.

    Amanda ||

  3. I love that you mentioned the first tip because both my laptop and phone backgrounds are inspirational quotes. I love just looking at them as little reminders to live a better life and just be happy. I've also really been trying to get all of my things organized. It's such a task, but it feels great to get rid of things that I don't use or need anymore.

  4. I love having a beautiful wallpaper on my computer. I love getting them from Ruche, the clothing store but online they have free wallpapers!

  5. I love deleting everything on my desktop and putting something beautiful and inspirational up.