Friday, January 15, 2016

4 Tips to Handle Dry, Coarse Hair

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My hair has been a challenge from day one. I was born with super curly, frizzy, light-blonde hair and pretty much resembled a Q-Tip for most of my early years. I started to get my hair relaxed at the beginning of high school, and struggled to find salons that were comfortable working with my unique texture and color. Light blonde, even when it's natural (like mine), is prone to breakage - making relaxers and other straightening techniques extremely damaging. In December, I cut my hair into a "lob" and realized quickly that I would have to straighten it daily in order to get it into a bun or ponytail. Before the big cut, French braids and messy buns were my go-to for natural hair days - now, it's been tough to wrangle my strands into a little rat tail at the nape of my neck. 

Need some tips on how to let your mane recover? So do I - 
it's a work in progress, but here's what I've got: 

1. Stop washing your hair with shampoo so much. 

Especially if you have curly or textured hair, you can get away with just one or two washings per week. Shampoo typically dries out my hair, but I recently found an oil-based product by L'Oreal that does the job without creating a ton of unnecessary dryness. I also love shampoo from Hask - another oil-based, sulfate free system that hasn't been as harsh on my strands and scalp. For more information on different washing and drying methods, click here.

2. Lay off the heat. 

"We all know that heat is horrible for our hair, but sometimes it is a necessity to tame it. I try to only dry my hair on the weekends when I will actually be seen at events." -Hayley Taylor, Styled and Taylored. Hayley has a good point - if you're only going to class or working as a nanny (hi) during the week, your hair doesn't have to be perfectly coiffed.

3. Deep condition.

I seriously have tried all the deep conditioners in the book (I think) and lately am super into Shea Moisture products (like this one) for a really deep treatment.  Jordyn over at Fairy Princess Diaries also has a DIY hair mask you can make yourself. 

I recently discovered Hask Macadamia Oil hair products - they're oil-based, sulfate-free shampoos, conditioners, deep conditioners, and leave-in oils. I LOVE them - and using the entire system (shampoo/conditioner/deep conditioner/oil) left my dry, coarse, and over-processed hair feeling smooth and healthy. I'm doubly excited because I just saw Hask in my local Walgreen's - they had deep conditioner pouches and leave-in oils for under $3 each. Perfect size (and price) to test out!

4. Find protective products that work for you.

I personally like to use protective products made of natural ingredients and LOVE this blowout cream by Shea Moisture - only a coin-sized amount in my hand spread through my hair will make it easier to brush, dry quicker, and give me a super smooth and hydrated feel. I usually pair that with a tiny bit of oil from Hask to make sure I'm protecting my hair in the healthiest, most natural way I can - I just feel better about knowing what exactly is going in my hair as much as possible. HERE is another blog post about great hair products!

Know what it's like to struggle with dry, damaged hair? 

Chime in and let me know your favorite tips! 

I was sent product free of charge by Hask Hair Products to provide an honest review. 
All opinions and thoughts expressed here are my own. 

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