Friday, November 13, 2015

Friday Five: Things to do in and Around Munich

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Remember that time I (kind of) started doing a Friday Five series and named five Portland-area restaurants I had tried recently?

Wouldn't that have been a cool series to stick with?

Yeah, I agree. And in an effort to stay on top of my blogging (because I didn't put my heart and soul into this little baby blog for nothing) I'm putting together two new series for The PDX Belle. On Wednesdays, hopefully very consistently, I'll be putting together a "Yes, You Can" series that focuses on empowering us to do or wear things that seemed a little intimidating at first. Topics could be as simple as putting together trendy clothing items or as daunting as traveling alone.
Want to see something specific included? Email me!

concentration camp memorial
Dachau Memorial Site

Schloss Neuschwanstein - Day trip from Munich
About two weeks ago, I spent a night in Munich solo. I stayed in the Euro Youth Hostel right by the central train station (I have mixed reviews of this place) and took a few day trips/did some exploring around Munich. I like Munich because it feels attainable - it is beautiful and historic and has so much charm, but it feels like a place that I could actually live (as opposed to beautiful cities like Paris or quaint tiny towns like Hallstatt). It's a cheap and easy bus ride from Salzburg via FlixBus, and I highly recommend that you check it out if you haven't already.

  1. Take a free walking tour with Sandeman's - you just tip your guide what you think they earned, which I think is the way to go when it comes to tours. Each tour with Sandeman's will be totally different depending on your guide, and it's a great way to get a feel for the city at the beginning of your trip.
  2. Take the train out to the Dachau Memorial Site (photo included above) and spend the afternoon wandering around the location of one of WWII's deadly concentration camps. It's very moving and challenging, but very worth it. The museum on site is incredibly informative and deserves a few hours of your time, but the most spiritually moving part of my visit was the presence of four beautiful chapels  from different religious denominations. 
  3. Do some shopping around Marienplatz - for me, the vast amount of shops (Zara, Pimkie, H&M, and many many more) in one place is a novelty compared to what I'm used to in Salzburg. While in Munich, I snagged a leather jacket and grey midi dress from Pimkie, one of my new favorite stores.
  4. Check out the Augustiner Brau - the only beer hall in Munich that's still family-owned and hasn't been bought out by larger beverage corporations. (Yes, it's the same brewery I mentioned here) or the Hofbrau House, a rowdier, more tourist-oriented beer hall that has an Oktoberfest vibe year-round.
  5. Take a day trip out to Schloss Neuschwanstein, the castle built by an eccentric German ruler that ultimately was Walt Disney's inspiration for the "Sleeping Beauty" castle. Go on a clear fall or snowy day and you will see why - the place is magical. I didn't do a castle tour because I was strapped for time (had to catch a bus back to Salzburg), but hiking up to the castle and wandering around the grounds was amazing by itself.
Munich has this and so much more to offer - these things are just what I was able to accomplish in my brief trips to this gorgeous city.

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