Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Yes, You Can: Mix Prints Like a Pro

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I used to be a monochromatic dresser until I realized that print mixing is doable and doesn't require any additional shopping - just look in your closet as you read my tips! 

This post is part of my new "Yes, You Can" series - keep checking back on Wednesdays for more!

  1. Start by taking inventory of the different prints and fabric textures in your closet. If prints are intimidating, look for textured pieces. In this post, I created depth in my outfit by wearing a lace/eyelet skirt and sheer top. You'll probably find that you have a 1-3 different types of prints and textures represented in your wardrobe, leading me to my next point...
  2. Pick two or three prints or textures to be your staples. I usually rely on stripes, camo, and leopard/cheetah print pieces. I have a couple tops, dresses, jackets, and accessories in each of these that work well together. 
  3. Stick with colors you are already comfortable with. If you don't usually like bright colors, use a black and white striped dress as a base, then build on that with an unbuttoned plaid or camo flannel around your waist and a clutch or shoes in a contrasting pattern - like cheetah print. For more ideas & inspo, check this post or this one

Other easy pairing suggestions --
  • Suede is HUGE this fall. Use texture to your advantage! Grey suede pairs especially well with lace for a soft, feminine look.
  • Floral + gingham or checked print
  • Polka dots + plaid
  • Stripes + plaid
  • Plaid + cheetah print
  • Camo + cheetah print 
  • Camo + stripes

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