Friday, October 2, 2015

One Month In

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This photo is from the hike up the the ice caves -- obviously I'm obsessed with this scarf... 
so I figured I'd link a similar one for y'all to check out!
This photo is from hiking at Untersberg - a mountain outside of Salzburg.
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Where has the time gone? I missed posting my update last week (sorry), and blinked, and suddenly it's Oktoberfest and I'm on my way to Munich - which means I've been in Europe for a month. My mom and lovely aunts will be coming to visit the weekend of October 9th, a trip that we established would be an almost midpoint for my semester abroad.

This weekend kicks off a month of almost nonstop travel for me. I'm heading to Munich Friday morning early and returning on Sunday afternoon - a marathon Oktoberfest trip that we will break up with some exploring around the city on Sunday. After this weekend, I'll head to Vienna and meet my family for some sightseeing around Austria. The weekend after that is Paris - Which is something I never realized I was dying to see. I absolutely cannot wait - I'm going with three other girls and am so ready to have a fun girls weekend sightseeing and being touristy (oh, and doing my best Parisian style impression). Halloween weekend brings me to Brussels and Amsterdam... And after that, I'll basically be broke. Good thing Salzburg is amazing on its own!

Since I last wrote, I've done a few amazing things right here around Salzburg. It seems like every place we go brings a new challenge for me - I hate heights, and have been riding gondolas up the sides of mountains. I'm terrified of enclosed spaces (this is something I realized recently) and hiked through the worlds' largest ice cave in Werfen, Austria. It was really scary for me - we climbed over a thousand rickety slippery wooden steps in near pitch-black darkness while holding a gas lantern. But hey - I saw something amazing and got to know some really cool people while I was at it.

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