Friday, October 9, 2015

Friday Five: Things to do in and Around Salzburg

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When you read this, I'll be in Vienna - just a few short  hours away from meeting up with my mom and aunts! I realized that the nature of most of my travel updates has been somewhat rambly and thoughtful - here are some cold hard links and basic reviews for some things you might maybe be interested in. Not chronological, just in the order that these fantastic experiences come to mind.
  1. Oktoberfest. I went to Oktoberfest in Munich last weekend. It's safe to say that I'm still recovering... We stayed in a tent area run by Stoke Travel for two nights in two-person tents on deflated air mattresses. Everyone there was a 20-something who was absolutely ready to have a fantastic time and meet other equally fun young people. My roommate said the other day that she hasn't been able to describe the weekend verbally to anyone who wasn't there without using a synonym of "crazy". It's true, the weekend was nuts, and I want to go back every year forever. 
  2. Mountains. We took a gondola up Untersbergbahn in Salzburg a few weeks ago - you should do it, but on a clear day. It's easily accessible via public bus and tickets for the gondola (which was terrifying, if you're me) were about 15 Euro. At the top, you can stay in a lookout area or hike about a mile (pretty rocky and steep) to another lookout point, where you'll see a big iron cross. When I went, it was covered in clouds (still cool), so you'd want to pick a nicer day. We then hiked down a steep path to a little (primitive) restaurant and grabbed Steigl beers and some sad looking frankfurters -- making for a memorable, naturally gorgeous Sunday spent in good company.
  3. Drink. Augustiner Brewery is a very authentic-feeling brewery/beer garden located in an old monastery just outside of the Old City in Salzburg. You pay 6 Euro for a 1 liter stein and can get food from a number of different vendors inside, then sit out at one of many outdoor tables or one of the larger halls indoors. It's one of the few places in Salzburg that our large group can go and drink/eat without creating a massive scene - I'll be bummed when it's too cold to sit in the garden.
  4. Sporting events. I've been to my second hockey game and soccer game ever while on this trip! We went to a Salzburg Red Bulls hockey game and a soccer game to watch the local team that happens to also be the Red Bulls. The hockey game was by far my favorite of the two - the atmosphere was awesome and high energy and we all had a blast, whereas attendance was very low at the soccer game and the atmosphere was less intimate (we sat in the nosebleeds). 
  5. Eat! There are some yummy things to snack on around Salzburg - step out of your comfort zone and indulge in a käsekraner (it's a sausage with cheese inside...) or stop by the adorable Cafe Tomaselli for a cappuccino and pastries in the same spot Mozart used to hang out.
That's all for now, I think -- I'll have more next week, and with any luck I'll be able to get my Instagram up and going again (follow me here!) and send out some decent emails as well ;) It's hard to be focused on my blog while abroad, but all of a sudden I'm feeling like things are starting to be a little more... normal. Only took a month, right? See you soon!

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