Friday, September 18, 2015

The Best Decision

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HIII from Salzburg!

This will be my second weekend here in the beautiful city, a weekend probably spent getting tipsy on 2 Euro bottles of wine, walking around this painfully gorgeous city in the middle of the night, and meeting the most amazing people that have reminded me that there is more to life than my bubble at Randolph-Macon -- which is the best bubble, but one that is okay to view from a distance on occasion.

I don't have any trips planned for this weekend, as it's been hard to imagine leaving as soon as I've gotten settled. I did book a tent for Oktoberfest and am SO excited, so if you happen to be heading to Munich during the second week of October, let's chat! I'll be staying with a girl I met this week who goes to Cal Poly - seriously, everyone goes to school somewhere completely different and has something unique and novel to bring to the table. It's amazing the amount of different life experiences people have had, but at the same time, how similar our mindsets are. I guess if you choose to study abroad, chances are you are a "doer". I like being with people who "do". Know what I mean?

Last weekend, we went to a lake called Wolfgangsee in a town called St. Gilgen. It was about a 45 minute bus ride from Salzburg and nestled in the middle of tall mountains with views of ski runs and gondola cars way up high. Absolutely picturesque. Some of the boys we were with wanted to go cliff jumping, so we rented tiny little boats for about 6 Euro per person and went exploring. The boat rental was funny, looking back - no one seemed to care what we were doing, who was driving, or that we didn't even speak German. Life jackets don't seem to be a thing. All in all, it was just working out flawlessly. I'll admit that I'm not one for jumping off tall things, but those that were got a huge rush out of leaping off a 70-ft (at the tallest) sheer rock ledge.

Thank God I chose to have this adventure. I think that being here is the perfect thing for me at this time in my life. It was the best decision.

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