Monday, September 28, 2015

Dress Like an Austrian in 4 Easy Steps

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Okay, maybe a wannabe Austrian. One fun thing about traveling is playing dress-up and doing my best to be a style chameleon (that phrase sounds ridiculous, but I guess it fits) in whatever city I'm currently spending time in. There are a few trends that I've picked up on since I arrived in Salzburg - scarves (pretty much no matter the weather), skinny jeans, jackets over everything, and large purses or totes instead of backpacks. As you might guess, most of my "field research" is being done while waiting for my classes to start at the University, so it's based loosely on what I see other women around my age wearing to class.

People don't wear sweats or yoga pants here. It's great. As much as I love bumming it when I'm feeling tired or icky, feeling comfortable and looking gross doesn't do a whole lot for me. It's refreshing to see a more put-together spin on comfortable outfits, like cool nikes with moto leggings and a loose sweater or jacket instead of pants with "PINK" bedazzled on the waistband (guilty). Neutrals are important too - layering is such a necessary trend (the weather changes like crazy here), that it's crucial that shedding a jacket or scarf won't ruin your look. I've put together a few basics that I think would be approved of over here... but then again, don't tell anyone you're American and keep your voice down on public transport and you should be fine ;)


Austrian women seem to ALWAYS be sporting a scarf tied infinity-style with every single outfit. Doesn't really matter what type of top is underneath, but a scarf, sweater, and jacket is a common triple-threat around here and also a great layer for chilly mornings that turn into mild afternoons. Blanket scarves seem to be trendy here, as well, which is something I'm thrilled about.


It might seem obvious given the weather, but it's amazing how frequently I forget to throw on a jacket or sweater over my outfit, see someone else wearing one, and wish I looked as put together as they do. I have one green jacket (exactly like this one, but from Zara) that I'm wearing the heck out of, and kind of wish I had a few other options like the ones below.


I thought (hoped?) I would see more leggings here, but it seems like most people just stick with skinny jeans. Not always dark wash, and not necessarily in pristine condition (distressed jeans are not as common as in the U.S. right now, but still showing up here and there), but jeans nonetheless, and always in a skinny cut. 

Not Backpacks

Okay, that might be a little vague - but the only people I've seen carting around their books and school supplies in backpacks are -- you guessed it -- Americans. You'd want to get a tote or large purse for school purposes, leaving your backpack for weekend excursions or hiking. Longchamps are popular for this (yay)!

Like I said - stick to neutral main pieces, with maybe a pop of color (and by "color" I mean olive or maroon) and layer, layer, layer -- and you'd fit (maybe almost) right in.

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