Friday, August 21, 2015

Friday Five: PDX Eats

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Greek yogurt, fresh fruit & granola, and a side scrambled egg with coffee at Trinket
Donuts at Pip's are little - order eight with a friend and try two of each flavor!

Happy Friday!

Portland has lately become notorious for its lines. You have to wait to get ice cream, wait for donuts, wait for brunch, and wait around at the food carts. What's the deal? When did Portland get discovered? I always joke that I'm allergic to lines - and I usually do actually talk myself out of going ANYWHERE that has a wait or a crowded atmosphere. I've been brave enough to try a couple new places lately ... Even with the lines. Here are my Friday Five - PDX Eats Edition!

1. Pip's Original -- Portland is donut- crazed lately, and I don't hate it. Pip's was super yummy and had a cute, warm atmosphere. It was crowded, but has expanded since I went last. Try it! I'm definitely going back.

2. Trinket -- Sometimes I have a hard time not laughing at just how Portland things can be around here. Trinket was one of those experiences - it's a brunch spot, and if you're into more alternative breakfast dishes with strange names and vegetables, it's for you. I got Greek yogurt with house made granola and fruit (boring, I know) and my little brother got Huevos al Pastor - shredded pineapple braised pork with poached eggs on a corn tortilla - which he loved.

3. Bazi Bierbrasserie  -- Good for a late-night beer on Hawthorne, if that's your style. Chill music and a low-key atmosphere pairs well with a nice-sized drink menu late at night, but word has it Bazi gets rowdy for soccer games earlier in the day. I took a bit of a risk and ordered the grilled watermelon and polenta off the small plate menu and really enjoyed the smoky, refreshing taste on a hot summer's night.

4. Hammy's Pizza -- Ordered Hammy's after a baseball game the other night because of our Chinook Book coupon and was unimpressed. $42 without the coupon (which was a whopping $3 off) for two large pizzas (8 slices). The pepperoni looked like it had been char broiled. Super Veggie was decent but heavy on the garlic.... Normally not a problem until there's two and a half cloves in each bite.

5.  Blue Star Donuts -- If you are a classic die-hard donut lover, maybe not the place for you. BUT if you are interested in lemon poppyseed (seriously SO GOOD), green tea (not for me), or other creative and decadent but less traditional flavors, give it a shot!

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  1. this all looks so yummy! x, kenz