Friday, August 14, 2015

Best Summer Wedding (Guest) Dresses

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I was SO lucky to snag this Lilly Pulitzer jumpsuit for the spring - I ended up wearing it to both Spring Formal AND my cousin's wedding, shown here! I could've used a couple other dresses for my event rotation last spring, but there's nothing wrong with a little outfit repeating (and saving money!)

No time like the present to start thinking about next season, right? (Right!)

I always find myself shopping end-of-season sales with the next season in mind, especially if there were key pieces that I seemed to be missing over the past few months. Something I always seem to need more of? Spring/summer dresses for occasions like weddings, date nights, sorority events, graduations, and all the other fun events that roll around when the weather gets warm. I did the honors and gathered a whole heck of a lot of options (all under $200) for you to browse with the next season in mind. 

Find a favorite? I'm loving the Everly maxi ($58)!

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  1. Oh wow! These summer wedding dresses are fantastic!! That Everly maxi dress took my heart. But dear I have attended a winter wedding at some outdoor New York venues so I have been seeking ideas for best winter attires. Could you please share that here?