Saturday, July 25, 2015

3 Ways to Build a Grown-Up Wardrobe

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Internships. Job interviews. Meeting the parents. 

Zero of these events require a bodycon dress and Steve Madden platform heels.

Here, I added a scarf and a stack of bracelets (third pieces!) to make my basic outfit a tiny bit more interesting.
Perfect? No. Attainable? YES!
Get more info about this specific outfit by clicking here!

It's time for us to ditch the Forever 21 sweater dresses and start dressing for the parts we want - whether it's a sweet internship or a sweet boyfriend. But how? If you're not sure how to transition your wardrobe from messed-up on a Friday night to grown-up on a Monday morning, let's chat. It's not all blazers and pencil skirts, trust.

Here are three basic tips to consider when you're dressing for your next big event - but mind you, I'm still learning, too

Oh yeah - and since we're still figuring out how to dress for the part, I assumed we might still be on a  tight budget. So all my finds linked here are under $150, with many options under $100. 
You're welcome.

1. Find a good pair (or two) of neutral, closed-toe pumps. 

Black (like these) for winter, nude (like these) for spring and summer. Pointy-toe is best, and I have a personal problem with patent leather, but I think that might just be me. So, you ask, what do I do with these shoes? Anything! Put them on with your favorite skinnies (see them styled in white here!) and a tunic (see me style this the same one in this post!), with a pair of straight-leg slacks, a pencil skirt, or a shirt dress. If you follow my three easy tips, wearing pumps when the occasion calls won't make you feel like you're playing dress-up in Mom's closet.

2. Accessorize.

One thing I have learned from Pinterest and other bloggers is that once you think your outfit is complete, add a third element - also known as the "third piece rule". Top + skirt does not equal a polished look. Add an interesting jacket, second layer, piece of jewelry, or belt (among other things) to immediately make your outfit more interesting and put together. Want to learn more about the third piece rule and get some ideas on how to incorporate the concept in your own look? Check here or here!

3. Carry a nice, structured handbag. That's in good condition. Everywhere.

Okay, this is something that may go over $150. Your purse or handbag goes everywhere with you (or it should, if you're really playing the grown-up game) and whether you're more of a crossbody or a Mary Poppins type of gal, you need something that will hold up well and that you won't be embarrassed to put on the chair next to you at a nice restaurant. Your purse should help you stay organized instead of creating an even larger mess. I find that it helps to purchase a bag with structure, because it's easier to find things and the bags will stand up on their own instead of slouching around. If you aren't interested in spending the big bucks, at least do me a favor and retire the one that has the peeling pleather handles (I will if you will).

Have any tips on pretending to be a grown-up? Share them below or find me on Twitter!


  1. These are great tips! I graduated college in 2013 so I'm new to the "real world." The structured handbag is totally a must - either that or a large Longchamp! Us working girls really do carry our lives in our handbags!

  2. Thank you -- and YES I love my Longchamp too!