Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Airport Chic

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Summertime traveling can absolutely stink. When your flight is delayed, your Starbucks costs you your life savings, and your luggage is lost, the last thing I want to do is look in the mirror and feel like I'm not put together and frumpy. Maybe that's just me, but a nice, comfortable and put-together traveling outfit can do wonders for the morale.

I usually abide by the rule of wearing my bulkier items and carrying a layer for the chilly airplane or in case I need a non-nasty pillow for an in-flight nap. I have to fly to Los Angeles this week for a few hours to get my Visa in order to study in Salzburg this coming fall - so I'll head down early in the morning and back in the same afternoon. This outfit is a pretty prime example of what I look like if you spot me aspiring to be a jet-setter :)

Of course, traveling outfits differ depending on your time in the air. For international flights, I wouldn't wear (or bring) a hat that needs to retain shape. I also would wear leggings and tennis shoes instead of jeans and sandals.

My new all-time favorite comfy jeans are a bit of a surprise - Old Navy Rockstar mid-rise white jeans. They're super skinny, a higher rise, and extremely stretchy - perfect for travel or for a busy day. They retain their shape and don't lose their shape after a few wearings. I have them in black as well and am planning to snag a few more washes before my trip in the fall. My LOFT tunic is sold out, but I've linked a similar item for you!

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