Sunday, May 17, 2015

5 Ways to Beat Finals Week Stress

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All nighters, half-eaten bags of candy strewn around the sorority house, dirty clothes hampers full of norts and frocket tees, and partially filled suitcases crowding the halls.

It must be exam week.

Packing, papers, and final exams do not make for a winning combo. Need some tips on how to de-stress a little during this crazy (and not in a good way) week? Make your procrastination productive with these ideas!

1. Get up, close your computer, and take a walk around the block or a brisk lap around the library. Use that time to make a phone call or gossip with friends - then when you sit back down, you won't have any need to keep re-hashing last night or feel like you need to get up and chat with people in the library. You might even have more energy!

2. Get on Pinterest for 15-30 minutes. Pin your heart away or reorganize your Pinterest boards - maybe it's just me, but getting on Pinterest for a little while is super relaxing and almost cathartic. It's a great way to escape the depths of your spiral notebook or Excel spreadsheets for a bit! Just be sure to set a time limit and stick to it!

3. Take an organization break. Minimize the paper you've been working on and spend some time putting all your documents and files into relevant folders on your laptop - I have folders for each class that I've been in since Freshman year. You also can get off the computer and make sure your study materials for each class are all set to go and perfectly accessible for when the time comes. It's procrastination, but with a purpose!

4. Pick one chore, like making your bed or taking out the trash, and do it after you complete an assignment or paragraph. By the time you're done studying, your room will be clean and you'll have less to stress about AND less to pack!

5. Get to the gym. I know it seems impossible sometimes, but a quick sweat sesh will do wonders for stress levels and for your overall health. You'll have more energy - and if you're me, reduced guilt about eating brain food like candy and other treats. If you're really feeling strapped for time, just hit the treadmill or bike for up to 30 minutes or 3 miles, then head back to the books.

Do you have a favorite way of de-stressing during exam week? Let me know!!

If I am going to procrastinate or de-stress, I almost always try to be as productive as possible - like right now, I'm taking a break from studying for my stats exam tomorrow to write this blog post (which is long overdue!). Wish me luck!

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