Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Little Things

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Whether it's midterms, weekend plans, workout plans, or whatever else is going on, it's too easy to get wrapped up in life and forget the things that make every day amazing. Lately, I've felt extremely overwhelmed and exhausted (like many of you, I'm sure) and am taking a few moments to reflect and remember the little parts of the day that make life great. I found this quote on Pinterest the other day, and it inspired me to add a little love into everything that I do. My first step? Recognizing the silly little things that make me happy to be alive.

Found on Pinterest - from KatiRamer on Etsy
1. My morning cup of coffee. I am a coffee addict (averaging 3+ cups a day) and the first cup is always the best. My ideal morning is waking up kind of late, drinking coffee with my breakfast, and snuggling with my dog. When I get to move into my own place, I want to have a huge mug collection from every place I've ever been.

2. The first sunny days of spring. You know the afternoons where everyone lays out for five minutes then realizes its actually only 60 degrees? Who cares, it feels tropical compared to those long winter days only a week ago.

3. My workout time. Whether it's a spin class with my sorority sisters (we went to Boho Cycle Studio in Richmond last night, and it was SO fun - but totally kicked my ass), lifting in the gym late at night on my own, or the occasional morning spent running on the soccer field with my boyfriend, scheduling time to work out is one of the few selfish things I allow myself to do, and it's absolutely worth it.

4. Sisterhood. Sorry, sorry - I know it's cliche. If you aren't in a fraternity or sorority, you may not totally be able to relate, but there's something to be said about my relationship with the girls I live with, my sorority big sister, and the ladies in my pledge class. There are bad times and there are good, but for the most part, I couldn't imagine college without this experience.

5. Cute workout gear. I literally live in yoga pants, norts, Krass & Co shorts, and Nike running shoes... to the point where a lot of my friends say I dress like workout Barbie. Whoever woke up one day and decided that they could make workout clothes cute AND comfortable should be a national hero. Plus, cute workout clothes motivate me to stay fit (bye, baggy sweats)!

6. Sunday drives. Windows down, country music playing... The perfect way to spend those first few warm spring days. My school is out in the country, close to a lot of rural farmland and beautiful back roads that I should take advantage of more often.

7. Sunsets. Sunrises. Moments when you can actually stop and soak life in and not be in a frenzy (rare, I know). When you're up early and rewarded by a beautiful sunrise, being sleepy for a few hours is totally worth it. Sunsets are my reward for slowing down a little bit and enjoying what's right in front of me. I've found that if I look at these natural works of art as a gift or reward for my day, I appreciate them that much more.

8. The outdoors. I was raised to appreciate the natural world and to respect the rugged mountains and uninhabited land that we are blessed and lucky enough to experience. One of my favorite parts of going home to Portland is its proximity to natural areas. For tips on how to increase your conservation efforts as a college student so that we can keep enjoying the world around us, check this out.

9. Family. Extended family, immediate family, anyone else close enough to consider family. I am blessed with a loving and tightly-knit support system that I can both reach out to for help and a listening ear or have an amazing crazy time with. It goes without saying that daily (sometimes weekly, sorry mom) phone calls home are one of the things that keep me sane on the most stressful days.

Nine points, random, I know. And they might seem to be a weird mix of things, but it's my personal effort to infuse a tiny bit more love and appreciation into my everyday life - and these are just the nine that feel most important to me on this specific Tuesday.

Can you relate? What silly little things are you thankful for?

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