Thursday, March 5, 2015

Stay Cozy Without Binging

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Alright, who else is snowed in (for the tenth time this semester)?

On our last snow day, there were six pizzas ordered to my sorority (not that I don't LOVE pizza)... So today one of my friends and I decided to whip up a quick, easy, and healthy lunch instead.

Trader Joes is the ultimate college-girl one-stop shop. Stock up on all their delicious frozen meals and veggies so that you'll have something to whip up when the weather gets bad - or when you're just feeling lazy. This meal took us 15 minutes, tops, to put together - which is probably shorter than waiting for a pizza delivery! Snag some frozen veggie burgers (Quinoa Cowboy to be exact), risotto in a box (Mushroom and Herb is what we used), and whatever veggies you can find in the fridge. 

Throw the veggie burger on a medium size pan with some olive oil and assorted chopped veggies (I did mushrooms and garlic) and cook on medium heat or according to the directions on the box. We also sprinkled some feta on top of the finished product to make it pretty. Delicious, quick, and under 400 calories. 

Are you inspired yet? Happy snow day!

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