Thursday, March 12, 2015

Pinterest At Home: Military-Inspired Trends

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I used to write for a collaborative blog platform called Sorority Stylista. It was fun, and it gave me an outlet that may have gotten my writing a little more publicity and free marketing than what I get now, but I decided to strike out on my own and see what happened. Anyway, if you're at all familiar with my previous posts on Sorority Stylista or aware of my daily fashion choices, you may have noticed that I am a fan of military-inspired pieces. I am firmly convinced that camo (not the kind that you find on the backroads of Virginia) is rightfully making a trendy appearance as a fun new print to use in a similar way to our long-lived love affair with animal prints.

Military inspired trends can and will be chic if you do it right. 

I'm not someone who takes crazy fashion risks. Most of my clothes are from J.Crew, if that tells you anything about my wild side. I just have this theory that if you think something looks cool, you should throw it on yourself and F(orget) the judgmental folks you think are giving you looks.

Believe me, they're just wondering if they could pull it off themselves.

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