Thursday, February 26, 2015

What's in My Purse?

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I often joke that I feel like Mary Poppins - you never know what I might pull out of my purse next. In reality, I am just often on the go and not able to stop at home to get things that I need, so I stock up on anything and everything that could come in handy during my everyday life.

If one thing is underrated these days, it's the power of a handwritten mailed note. Whether it's a thank-you note or just a little message, nothing can top the feeling of opening an envelope that is personally addressed and contains a unique message - especially if it's on cute stationery. So, in true college-kid fashion, I found the cutest, cheapest notecards and envelopes possible. Guess where these are from?

 TARGET. And guess how much they were? $1. I got these and a pack of aqua blue ones (also for $1) and keep them in various purses so that anytime I go out I can drop a note off whenever I feel the need. I sincerely believe that handwritten thank-you notes will get you places. The amount of times I have heard my parents, aunts, and grandparents comment on the lack of a handwritten thank you note from a niece or nephew after they've sent a gift is something that has completely altered the way I view written communication.

You can get adorable stationery at Target, but I highly recommend using a small business if you are able to afford it. Personalized stationery makes an amazing gift, and you can snag it for a great price on Etsy. I ordered a monogrammed set for my boyfriend last year from CurioPress, and they were delivered almost immediately. Every college student and young adult absolutely needs a set of personalized or otherwise unique stationery, and needs to learn the value of a personalized note. It's worth the extra five minutes to jot something down on paper instead of sending an E-mail.

Try it! Trust me, I don't want to hear the generation above us mention it anymore ;)

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  1. I agree!!! So glad to hear this!!!!! I need to start taking mine around with me...I owe several people a note right now. It is amazing how much a written note means to people. I run into people months later and they say how much a note I sent them meant. I never forget when someone has taken the time to send me a personalized note through "snail mail". It makes me feel good! In a time where all of us are trying to pack A LOT into one 24 hour period, ten to fifteen minutes to sit down and write a quick note of thanks, sympathy, congrats, or "simply just thinking about you" goes a VERY LONG way!