Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Meal Prep: Healthy Eating Made Easy

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My latest trick? Prepping full meals in Tupperware containers to be eaten later in the week when I otherwise might reach for some cold pizza or a handful of chips. I work a lot during the week and also have a part-time internship, so being able to bring a nutritious and filling meal with me all over town keeps me from spending money I don't have on fast food.

Last week I made two chicken breasts, a bunch of asparagus, and a cup of wild rice. I divided it all into five containers and was able to grab one of of the fridge whenever I needed a meal. This week? Salmon burgers from Whole Foods, a bag of sweet potatoes that I could steam in the microwave, and more wild rice. It took me a total of 15-20 minutes to prepare and according to MyFitnessPal it's just barely over 400 calories for an entire meal with a ton of protein from the salmon burger. I was stuffed after I finished my serving for today.

This is easy and really pretty affordable. What do you need?

  • Tupperware containers. Super cheap at Walmart for a pack of 5.
  • Protein - to be the base of your meal, like my salmon burger here.
  • A vegetable of some kind. Sweet potatoes, spinach, asparagus... You have a world of options!
  • Pasta or rice or some other carb/filler- preferably some kind of whole grain.

See? For a Tupperware it doesn't look so bad. 15 minutes and meals for the whole week. For a college kid without much extra time, or really any busy person trying to eat a little healthier, this wouldn't be the worst idea. Give it a shot - What's in your to-go lunch this week?

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  1. Thanks for the tips and encouragement to eat better! ...and cook more healthy. Proud of you, as always.